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Probate and Wills

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Probate Made Simple

Probate Made Simple

At Griffin Solicitors we break down the Probate process into smaller parts, set time limits for each part and work from appointment to appointment in order to ensure that Probate is completed as soon as possible.

Probate involves proving the deceased’s will, identifying and collating their assets, submitting returns to the Revenue Commissioners. Collecting in and distributing these assets to the beneficiaries, and producing estate accounts.

Obtaining a Grant of Probate involves the following steps:

  • Locating the will and identifying the executors
  • Identifying all the assets and debts in the estate. This can be a difficult task when the deceased invested in many areas or invested online with passwords, with no paper trail
  • Filling out a return to Revenue, preparing an Oath for the executor and lodging these documents with the Probate Office
  • Dealing with any query raised by the Probate Office
  • Issuing the Grant of Probate from the Probate Office
  • Gathering in the assets of the deceased, including selling property where required
  • Obtaining written confirmation from the Department of Social Welfare and HSE that they do not have any claim over the estate for non-contributory old age payment or under the Fair Deal scheme
  • Dealing with taxation issues of non-resident beneficiaries
  • Preparation and finalisation of estate accounts
  • Distributing the assets of the estate
  • Payment of inheritance tax by beneficiaries

As this is a sequential process a delay at any one step will delay the whole process.

Approximate length of time to complete a typical probate.





We are probate Solicitors in Ireland. What is probate and why probate is needed? Indeed why making a Will and Wills and Probate services and Executors and officiaries are necessary. We deal with Enduring Powers of Attorney. EPOA. We also help executors of the estate and how to write a will and explain what is a grant of probate and how long does probate take. We, as probate, lawyers, probate solicitors in Dublin, always managing the Probate process and applying for a grant of Probate. Applying for Probate in order to administer the estate and probate property. A living will is the same as an Enduring Power of Attorney which is the same as EPA and the same as EPOA and is done using an Enduring Power of Attorney form. A personal representative of the estate is also the executor and the executor of the will with duties and carries out a probate valuation. We are Wills and probate solicitors involved in probate litigation. Disputes between families over wills. Family disputes over wills. Explain how to execute or executing a will. Executors duties to beneficiaries. Probate administration and probate court process. You can make your own will. The costs of making a will. Add a codicil to a will. If there is no Will, then it is probate intestate. As inheritance lawyers, we deal with contested probate, estate after death, after parents’ death, choosing an Executor. Inheritance tax is paid by the estate, there is a cost to probate, the cost to probate a Will and house after probate, buying probate property, explain the stages of probate, right of beneficiaries under a Will, sole beneficiary and executor of a Will, claim against the state, removing an Executor.