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When to Write a Will: When do I need to do it?

When is the right time to write a will?

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

old proverb

While some people update their will often, famously Maeve Binchy is said to have updated her will every year since she was 21 years of age, most do not. Most people are only triggered to make a will in light of a significant life event.

Having an up-to-date Will at the time of your death has many benefits including:

  1. Clearly setting out who will receive your assets after your death,
  2. Your executors will not need to deal with the many issues that can arise from having an out of date will,
  3. Your beneficiaries will not need to step in as your executor if the executors noted in the Will have lost capacity or have passed away,
  4. Any charities you wish to benefit will have the correct details noted in the will, it is not unusual for charities to rename or merge with other organisations and in these circumstances, it can be unclear who exactly is to benefit under the will.

John Griffin

John Griffin

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When is the right time to

write a will?


It can be said there is never a wrong time to write your will. There are certain trigger points people decide to write a will:

Right Time to Write a Will
portrait: John Griffin

John Griffin

Principal Solicitor

If you need nelp writing a will get in touch.

portrait: John Griffin

John Griffin

Principal Solicitor

John has been dealing with Probate and Wills for many years and there is not much that he has not seen in that time. If you have any queries in this area why not get in touch with John.

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