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What you need to know about Pre '63 Properties

The importance of understanding the legal requirements when entering the buy-to-let ‘Pre 63 property market.

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Belgrave Sq

Five Things to Know when Buying a Pre’63 Investment Property

Understanding the basics

What you need to know before you start the process.

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Bank Railings

Financing for Pre’63 Investment Property

Four Important Factors Banks Look At – Pre 63s

Take a look at what is important to the banks regarding Pre ’63 investment.

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Problems and Solutiuos House renovation Thmb

Problems and Solutions

Common Pre ’63 Investment Property Issues

Typical issues when purchasing Pre ’63 property and how to address them.

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Case Studies - pipe

Investment Property Case Studies

Dealing with difficult legal issues

Overcoming the legal difficulties that can be encountered with Pre ’63 property investment.

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Property Investment FAQs

Investment Property FAQs

Property Investment legal questions

Get the answers you are looking for. Read our FAQs.

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Ethna Ryan

Ethna Ryan


Ethna is also well versed in Landlord and Tenant law acting for both Landlords and Tenant in the negotiation of leases and advising on the parties respective rights.

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