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Personal Injury The Claims Process

Personal Injury Process

Personal Injury Process

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The Claims Process

Getting started

If you are injured in an accident due to the fault or negligence of another person, it is vital that you seek professional legal advice from an experienced litigation solicitor in order to be properly compensated.* 

John Griffin Solicitor has twenty five years experience dealing with all types of claims and he will advise you as to the following:

  • Who to claim against
  • The amount of compensation
  • What to do next

Common claim scenarios include Motor Accidents, Public Liability, Occupational Injuries, and Accidents Abroad.


The Process

The  2  procedures involved are:

  • First an application to the Injuries Board
  • Secondly Court Proceedings

All personal injury claims must be submitted to the Injuries Board within 2 years of the date of the accident. The Board has 9 months, extendable to 15 months to make an assessment of damages. The person responsible for the accident has to be placed on notice of the claim within two months.

The Injuries Board make an assessment of damages. If both sides agree with same then an Order to Pay will issue, which is similar to a Court Order.


The Costs

The Injuries Board do not normally pay costs. Griffin Solicitors will agree the costs in writing with you at the start of the matter.

If either side do not accept the assessment of damages from the Injuries Board then the next step is to apply to Court. Liability then becomes an issue – the claimant has to prove his case.

If the claimant has refused the assessment of the Injuries Board and a Court awards less than the Injury Board assessment then the person claiming will not be given the costs of the case.

Most cases settle before the Court hearing date. Some cases proceed to a hearing where the parties cannot agree who is responsible or cannot agree the amount of damages.

Griffin Solicitors will deal with all aspects of your claim, such as representation in Court and advising you as to the appropriate level of compensation, in a thorough and professional manner. We always agree the likely costs in writing with you prior to taking on the claim.

Ring John Griffin, Solicitor at Griffin Solicitors 01 4907651 to set up an appointment.

* In contentious business, a legal practitioner shall not charge any amount in respect of legal costs expressed as a percentage or proportion of any damages (or other moneys) that may become payable to his or her client or purport to set out the legal costs to be charged to a junior counsel as a specified percentage of proportion of the legal costs paid to a senior counsel. A legal practitioner shall not without the prior written agreement of his or her client deduct or appropriate any amount in respect of legal costs from the amount of any changes or moneys that become payable to the client in respect of legal services that the legal practitioner provided to the client.

John Griffin

John Griffin

Principal Solicitor

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