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The client, a Lithuanian national, was stopped at traffic lights in Lucan in April when his car was rear ended. His son, aged 8, and his daughter, aged 6, were in the car with him. He suffered from back and neck pain and a claim was made through the Injuries Board.

He told me that his children were not physically injured. About three months later I asked the client about his son and daughter. He told me that neither of them would get into the car with him. They were having nightmares and his daughter was bed wetting. The client brought his children back to the doctor and subsequently to a consultant psychiatrist where they were diagnosed with acute stress state following a traumatic event. The insurance company made an offer of €10,000 for the daughter and €10,000 for the son. The offer was accepted by their father.

Both matters were ruled and approved by the Circuit Court. The money is now invested until they are 18 years of age. The parents were very happy with the settlements.

The above story is true. However, the names of the people involved and the locations have been changed to protect their privacy.

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