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On a cold, wet February evening, Rima was returning home from work in the restaurant. She driving along the Dublin Road into Navan.She had just passed the left hand turn onto Timmons Hill (R153).The traffic was heavy both ways and she was stopped to turn right onto Flower Hill. She was stopped for 90 seconds approximately when she felt the jolt of her car being hit from behin and pushed forward. The driver of the other vehicle got out and apologised. Rima thought that the driver of the other car was looking at his phone at the time of the accident but wasnt certain. The Gardaí were called but they didnt have a garda car free to attend the scene of the accident. The Gardai told Rima and the other driver by phone to move the cars and come to the Garda Station. They both did this and gave details of their particulars to the Gardai.

The next day, Rima went to her GP who diagnosed a whiplash-like injury in her neck and upper back. She went for several injections and underwent a course of physiotherapy. Rima’s job as a chef involved heavy lifting and she was out of work for 4 weeks. When she went back to work she was limted to light work by her doctor for a further period of 6 weeks.

Rima was recommended to go to a good firm of solicitors who deal with these types of personal injury cases. Rima was advised that an application could be made to the Injuries Board. All that was needed was a medical report and an application fee of
€45. The insurance company for the other driver consented to the assessment.

The Injuries Board sent Rima to their own doctor for a second opinion. Other than that, the assessment was entirely paper-based. Rima did not have to be questioned by by Gardai or by a Judge.

After 9 months the Injuries Board assessed damages for pain and suffering at €18,000, together with loss of earnings at €1,750.25. The overall assessment was €19,750.25. She had to repay €812 to Social Welfare and her net amount was €18,938.25.
Rima was advised by her solicitor that she could obtain up to €25,000 if she rejected the assessment and started court proceedings.

However, Rima decided to take the €18,938.25 assessed by the Injuries Board. She said she would use the money to go to Lithuania and obtain better treatment for her injuries. She said “I don’t want all the money in the heavens”. She was not a greedy person.

The above story is true. However, the names of the people involved and the locations have been changed to protect their privacy.

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