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Rime has been working as a sales assistant at Applegreen Celbridge for 11 years. Other workers have come and gone but she always stayed.

On a cold November morning, a customer asked for the code to use the car wash. The car wash would not work. Rime left the shop and typed in the new code. Rime told the driver to drive the car half way up the car wash. The driver stopped too soon before the sensor sign. Rime knew that the car wash would damage the car if it was left it in that position. She walked up to the side of the car to tell the driver. As she did so, she slipped and her legs went up in the air. Rime immediately felt pain, but continued her shift and only then went home to bed. The next day Rime went to see her GP. She had suffered an injury to the bottom of her spine. She was out of work for 2 weeks.

Rime came to Griffin Solicitors seeking advice. It turned out Rime had never received any training in relation to the car wash. Through experience, she knew how the car wash worked and how to help customers as they needed to be helped. Rime’s back pain was fully recovered in less than a year.

Griffin Solicitors put in a claim for Rime. It was accepted in the Injuries Board by Applegreen within the 90 day period. The Injuries Board assessed her claim within 9 months. They awarded her €18,000. Rime was happy with that and accepted the assessment.

The above story is true. However, the names of the people involved and the locations have been changed to protect their privacy.

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