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Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

What we’re asked the most.

Griffin Solicitors have a thorough knowledge of personal injury law* and have helped many clients with their claims in the past. Please browse our FAQs or contact us directly for more information.
How long will the claims process take?
All personal injury claims must be dealt with by the Injuries Board within 9 months from the date of application. This period can be extended to 15 months at the discretion of the Injuries Board. If the claim is not accepted by the Injuries Board or the award of compensation is not accepted by both parties then then claim will be dealt with by the courts. Griffin’s solicitors will advise you at this stage on how long the matter will take to complete.
How much will the claim process cost?
The Injuries Board do not normally pay costs. The costs will be deducted from the settlement award. Griffin Solicitors will agree the amount of costs in writing with you prior to taking on your case. You will not be charged if you are not successful, but you will be asked to pay for medical reports and the application fee as your claim progresses. If the case does not settle at Injuries Board stage but goes into the court proceedings and you succeed, then you will be entitled to costs. Griffin solicitors will set out the basis of the costs together with any deductions from the compensation in writing to you prior to starting court proceedings.
Will I have to go to Court?
In general all personal injury claims must be submitted to the Injuries Board for assessment. This is a paper based exercise. You will not have to personally appear in front of the Injuries Board. You may be asked to attend a medical doctor on behalf of the Injuries Board. Only if the claim is not disposed of by the Injuries Board will court proceedings be started. Most court actions settle before a court hearing date.
How much compensation will I receive?
This will depend on the nature of the injuries you have sustained, how long they persist for and the contents of the medical reports. It also depends on who is responsible for the accident. The Injuries Board have a schedule of damages which sets out very broadly what you will receive for your injuries. We at Griffin Solicitors will advise you face to face based on all the circumstances as to the amount of compensation that you are likely to receive.

* In contentious business, a legal practitioner shall not charge any amount in respect of legal costs expressed as a percentage or proportion of any damages (or other moneys) that may become payable to his or her client or purport to set out the legal costs to be charged to a junior counsel as a specified percentage of proportion of the legal costs paid to a senior counsel. A legal practitioner shall not without the prior written agreement of his or her client deduct or appropriate any amount in respect of legal costs from the amount of any changes or moneys that become payable to the client in respect of legal services that the legal practitioner provided to the client.

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