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Arturs was a Latvian national and a proud owner of a black Mercedes E200 Compressor Automatic 1.8 litre petrol registered in 2006. The car was converted to work on liquid petroleum gas. On the 15th of September he was driving along the Malahide Road towards Malahide. He saw that the pedestrian lights ahead of him were red so he indicated to turn right and turned right across the flow of the traffic.

Meanwhile a young Irish woman driving an Opel Zavira came out from a side road onto the main road. She was travelling in the opposite direction to Arturs. She did not see the pedestrian lights turned red and went through them. There was a collision between the two cars on her side of the road.

The Irish lady denied that she had gone through the red light and blamed Arturs. She said that Arturs should not have turned across the traffic until the road way was empty. In particular she said that Arturs did not stop before turning right.

Fortunately Arturs had installed a dash cam in his car and it could clearly be seen that the pedestrian lights were red and that the young Irish mother had come through the red lights, without knowing that she had done so. Arturs sustained an injury to his neck and back.

The application to Injuries Board was rejected. Court proceeding were issued and
settled for €19,251.56. This was 75% of the value of the claim. Overall the client was happy with the settlement.

I have no doubt that Arturs would not have received any compensation except for the fact that he had a working dash cam in his car.

The above story is true. However, the names of the people involved and the locations have been changed to protect their privacy.

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