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Commercial Property Sales

Commercial Property Sales

Bringing sales to successful conclusions

We shall have no better conditions in the future if we are satisfied with all we have at present.

Thomas Edison

Commercial Property Sales

John Griffin has over 25 years experience in relation to the sale of commercial property. John and his team welcome the opportunity to become involved in the sale of your commercial property at the earliest opportunity in order to save you time and money and bring the sale to a successful conclusion.
We encourage early instructions from our clients. There are very few problems in life that cannot be solved, given enough time.

Our perfect scenario is one where we can issue contracts for the sale of the property within 24 hours of receipt of a sales advice notice from an estate agent, with an agreed realistic closing date.

In order to do this the following must happen:

  1. Contact John and agree a price in advance. We will quoteyou by email on the same day. If you wish we are more than happy to meet with you face to face to discuss your needs on a no obligation basis. The policy of this office is to agree all costs in writing in advance with you the client before the work starts.
  2. Furnish Griffin Solicitors with the deeds to the property or a letter allowing us to take up same from the lender. We will provide this letter to you with the written quotation.
  3. Provide Griffin Solicitors with:
    1. Proof of Identity being a copy passport and utility bill dated within the last three months.
    2. Written proof of your PPS no or Company’s PPS no if the property is held in the name of a company.
    3. Rates bill and receipt for the property.
    4. Water Charge bill and receipt.
    5. Obtain Land Registry Compliant Map. We will advise if this is necessary or not.
    6. BER Certificate and Advisory Report – normally obtained by the estate agent.
    7. Details of any legal or planning problems or disputes affecting the property.



Rates are now a charge on the property against the purchaser and therefore will need to be discharged upon completion. The best practise is to pay the rates in advance to the end of the year and then apportion same back to date of completion.

2. VAT

VAT on property is without doubt the biggest cause of delay on the legal side of selling property. It is complicated. Very few people understand VAT on property. Our practical advice is to obtain specialised tax advice as early as possible through your accountant and/or specialised tax adviser. If the relevant form, called the Law Society Pre-Contract VAT Enquiries (February 2014 Edition) is properly filled out prior to the sale being agreed, then the sale will complete much more quickly.


Often the planning or the planning documentation for the particular use of the property are not entirely in order. Full instructions from the client and early access to the title documents and planning advice can either solve or minimise planning problems.

We welcome the opportunity to look after your business and bring it to a successful conclusion.

John Griffin

John Griffin

Principal Solicitor

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