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Motor Accidents and Cyclists

If you are involved in a motor collision and were not at fault, you may be able to claim compensation for damage caused to your car, bicycle or accessories, injuries and time away from work. If you believe you may have a claim email [email protected] or phone (01) 4907651.

What to do after an accident.

  1. Stop: pull over if the car can be moved but if substantial damage is done do not move it. Make sure you warn other road users using hazard lights.
  2. Call the Gardai: This is always good in order to get a report of what happened and may help you claim compensation later. An ambulance should also be called if someone is injured.
  3. Take pictures: You should record the scene by photographing it to help you claim later. This is proof of damage caused, such as dents in the car, and the general nature of the scene. Try to get pictures of the car(s) before they are moved.
  4. Get the details: Ask the driver or road user at fault for their name, address, registration number, make and model of car, contact details and insurance information. It is also important to get the details of any witnesses.
  5. Seek medical attention: you will need a record of your injuries if you wish to pursue a claim. Either go to hospital or your GP as soon as possible, and if you feel pain in the months following the collision go for a check-up. Even if the severity of the injury does not present itself immediately you may still be able to claim.

Who is entitled to claim.

You can bring a claim once you are not at fault in the collision whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger, driver or motorcyclist. If you had a minor role in causing the accident this may reduce the amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Who do I claim off.

You can claim off the insurance of the person at fault or from the Motor Insurers Bureau if the driver is uninsured.


Cyclists are vulnerable on our roads and can be seriously injured in collisions. Furthermore, they are not covered by insurance the same way drivers are despite many accidents being caused by human error of drivers; ‘failed to look properly’ especially at junctions, execute ‘poor turn/manoeuvre’, ‘careless, reckless, in a hurry’, ‘impaired by alcohol’, ‘exceeding the speed limit’ or ‘travelling too fast for the conditions’. If you have suffered an injury or damage to your property as a result of a collisions while you were cycling which you would like to receive compensation for, contact us: [email protected] or (01) 4907651.

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