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Alfonsas is a 54 year old factory operative working in a turkey factory. His job is to take the recently killed turkeys from the slaughter house and put them onto hooks. The turkeys weigh from 5kg to 45kg. When the rack is full it weighs approximately 600kg. Alfonsas has to push the rack on wheels to the freezer.

Alfonsas worked in the turkey factory for 2 years. He never received any form of manual handling training. He started to notice pain in his back. He went to his GP. Within 2 weeks the pain had increased astronomically and he was unable to work. His doctor organised an MRI. The doctor diagnosed him with bad lower back pain radiating down his right leg. The x-rays revealed abnormalities in his back.

Alfonsas came to Griffin Solicitors looking for advice on what to do. Griffin Solicitors lodged this into the Injuries Board but it was rejected. Court proceedings were taken. The matter was settled for €55,450. Alfonsas was happy with the settlement.

The above story is true. However, the names of the people involved and the locations have been changed to protect their privacy.

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